Safe Note

Most secured application to lock your secrets

Safe Note is a notepad application that stores your notes locally in a secured way by using AES 256 encryption. It gives instant & easy access with a simple pin and your unique fingerprint which is very much secured. A secret question/answer can also be set to retrieve your password. Notes can be identified using unique title instead of just the first line of the content. Safe Note stores all your data safely on the device rather than uploading your secret information to the internet. Safe Note is easy to use and a secure application.

A couple of security methods including root detection, binary protection and debugger detection is used to ensure safety of your data. The password protected backup and restore capability makes it easy to move your data around easily. The application also has an eye-catching user friendly design and it is very comfortable to use.

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Easy upload &
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Available Features

Fingerprint and password authentication

Security question/answer access

(to retrieve forgotten password)

All data encrypted with AES 256

Separate note title

Create/Delete notes

Notes can be up to 5000 characters

Root Detection

Available Features

Binary protection

Runtime protection

Search Functionality

Sort Options

Adjustable font and size

Categorization of notes in folders

Overwrite of deleted items with random data

Help screens and messages

All data stored locally

Email Backup and Transfer

Auto-Save notes

Auto Backup to Google Cloud (optional)


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Mobile Device


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