Online Brand Reputation Management Tool

Social Throb helps companies to do a Local & Global Analysis of national & international products on how they are being reviewed in other Markets. Social Throb uses Natural Language Processing to collect, analyse and classify customer feedback about a Product or a brand into Positive, Negative & Neutral. Social Throb could crawl various Websites, Social Media Platforms, Blogs as well as various emails as per the customizable requirements. It also figures out the reasons for a Product or Brand which is doing or not doing well.

Listen to millions of conversations on the internet, triangulate information, analyse customer sentiments and engage the customers with our web application tool that helps companies with effective customer servicing and harvesting.

Social Throb analyses various ranges of sentiments, collects geographical information, performs demographic segmentation, rates the product or brand related influencers & also performs call-to-action on what the business should direct or move as per the various responses.

Social Throb - Online Reputation Management Tool Highlights

Product/Brand Related Customer Feedback

Product/Brand Related
Customer Feedback

Integration with Grievance Mgmt. for immediate actions

Integration with Grievance
Mgmt. for immediate actions

Competition Analysis


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